Thursday, June 2, 2016

Babalon Rising

Greeting loyal readers! Now I have a special announcement. I will be speaking at Babalon Rising this year, a pan-Thelemic festival in Indiana that occurs this time of year every year. I've been there 4 of the ten years, this being my fifth year at the festival and the second time I have spoken there. I've found it to be a pretty interesting experience in various ways when I have gone and have made some pretty good friends there.

This year the guest list includes Dr. David Shoemaker of the International College of Thelema and Brandy William, a prominent author on Thelema. One speaker I highly recommend checking out if you can catch him is Mr. Bill Duvendack, a buddy of mine from St. Louis who has written a few books and also contributed to the periodicals of the Temple of Ascending Flame. Last year he gave a great lecture on ritual timing using astrological time to put some oomph into your rituals and spells. You can find his excellent astrology blog at 418 Ascendant and his excellent book the use of voice in magick on Amazon: Vocal Magick.

I will be doing two presentations this year after repeated requests from the organizers last year to present this year. There wasn't any arm twisting, nope. I kid. I gladly agreed because last year was a last minute decision after missing the previous year. I'll be honest, camping isn't my gig but I do love the classes and many of the people there I only get to see this one time a year and otherwise restricted to Facebook and text messaging.

The first presentation is Friday at 3 p.m. and is a lecture that is really part 2, but standalone, of my lectures on Luciferian Psychology and is titled The Battered Crown, dealing with what it means to take the title of Magician, Witch, Wizard, Sorceror etc. and the implications. While it will only be a one hour version I do plan to extend it to 2 hours for later presentations to cover broader bases and more depth but this is the trial run. Why the Battered Crown? Initiation ain't easy and we take knocks and bumps along the way towards sovereignty, an ongoing process. The lecture itself though in this instance will focus on being a co-creator, or creator, of your universe and what that entails. Eventually the Luciferian Psychology series will be 4-5 lectures detailing nooks, crannies and overcoming them to establish your Sovereignty and also understanding relationships etc. from a magical perspective.

The second lecture at 10 a.m. on Saturday is titled Fire From Heaven and is an examination of evocation and the processes and steps, theory and application. This isn't psychology at all though so if you're from that school your going to be disappointed. If anything, Esoteric Voudon has taught me this isn't psychology but your own mileage may vary. I will discuss my experiences with evocation and the steps of the process as presented in Solomonic grimoires based on my research and the researches of other authors, particularly Stephen Skinner and his excellent work in the field for Golden Hoard. I hope to make this one special.

Other speakers include Laurlei Black, Marty Laubach, Frater Zentra-el and a host of others. If you're free next weekend and want to attend some good classes, have some great discussions, meet me, Dr. Shoemaker or others, this is a great place to come to. Hell come if you just want to see a big ass bonfire and dance and laugh and play. It's a hoot.

For more information and to purchase a ticket click visit Babalon Rising.

After the next three weeks of travel, I've got some things going down this weekend, then Babalon Rising, then an event in Dayton and some minor surgery and overtime at work, I will get back to some posting on my work and prepping the Mastering Lucky Hoodoo chapbook for the lucky 16 buyers and then working on something that you can help with to keep Porta Lucis going for a long time and more regularly.

Life Changes and Initiations.

Wowsers. As I sit here I drink my last soda, reminisce about my last bit of chocolate and lament the end of coffee (which I rarely drank anyway, which is a story in & of itself), and sigh over the loss of tea. I've had a rough month since my last post! That's half a joke.

I was recently hospitalized with a kidney stone. It was a very odd night, I barely recall 99% of it and what I do recall is the beeping of the I.V. machine due to the poorly placed I.V. in my arm, kept me awake all of the night but the heavy dosage of pain killing pharmaceuticals kept me in a state of alternating blissful unawareness of anything except the constant need to pee and a state of "oh holy god, kill me now" as the effects would wear off!

The morning trip to the hospital was filled with insanity as we went to the local hospital only to be ignored for half an hour and when my friend asked how long the receptionist (I am being polite) didn't even look at him and said "we are going as fast as we can" while I am writhing in intense physical pain. When I protested she told me I could settle down or leave. So I flipped her the bird and left for a hospital that wasted no time getting me into a room and in some relief from the excruciating ordeal. I was visited by two O.T.O. members who also let me crash at their space in the aftermath because the comedown from the opiate based medicine was one of the more intense emotional experiences of my life.

In the hospital they started me on morphine and when that wore off extremely quickly, in less than 45 minutes I was in tears from the pain again and it was now exponentially more intense, they injected me with Duadid which was a great relief for about an hour when I switched to antibiotics and 15mg of Vicodin every three hours. Yes, the pain was that intense. I was scheduled for surgery the next day because the CT revealed a kidney stone that was about the size of a bean in a beebee, if not a little bit smaller and they wanted to break it up but yes,  I passed a beebee out of my peepee and surgery wasn't yet required. I don't recall it coming out but when I was finally able to sleep in the dawn hours for a few hours, when I woke I saw this brownish red stone sitting in the mesh of the jug they gave me to urinate in.

So what the hell does this have to do with magic? Oh lots.

One person I spoke to through the night was my dear brother Rufus. I had, in the events leading up to this, worked through the Seven Spheres cycle, first a Seven Spheres in Seven Days and then the regular cycle as he suggests in the book. That's a lot of intense fucking magic. I have been going through some serious Solarian and Venusian initiations and now was heading into the Raphael working that coming Wednesday. Before the kidney stone dislodged itself I had felt like something was stabbing my man parts repeatedly with a needle in the tip, about 3 days before. I inquired if fasting, as I had been doing for about a week and a half to that point, not a heavy fast but small intakes of food and drinking juice to purge some rather intense energy I had been experiencing that wasn't pleasant for me or my close associates and loved ones. I'm not saying I was being a dick but the emotions were intense and will remain between myself and most of those closest to me and relayed directly back to that first Seven Spheres working at the turn of 2014 to 2015 where I made a mistake in the working of Saturn and had yet to recognize something had snapped.

A few associates responded with no, sounded like a UTI and I drank copious amounts of cranberry juice and went about my day as the pain had subsided and I researched local doctors to make an appointment with on my next day off. I went to work that Sunday and had a wonderful meeting with my mentor about how to best build my future at my job and use it to parlay my next job, came home to watch Game of Thrones when I felt a very uncomfortable feeling on my left side. I thought it was just muscular from how I was sitting on my handy dandy futon and tried a hot bath. I wasn't worried about the thought of a kidney stone but once I hit the water I shot out like a bullet. Within minutes I was on my knees and having to be carried to my Hermetic Hoodoo car to be whisked away to the hospital and endure the already related ordeal. I had already known, three days before, that this was coming with no symptoms or signs of any sort until that moment when the discomfort started.

Now I don't remember explicitly talking to Rufus but when I came out of my drug induced stupor I looked at my facebook and the messages and man, Bondye bless you mother fuckers who chatted with me through the night. I was all over the place and one thing that stood out was what Rufus had to say:

"the drugs must have addled your brain...

"you did a cleansing rite of venus, and you've got massive fucking stones coming out of your dick

"But this one seems fairly simple. You had some blockages that you're working out the hard way"

Yeah I did do a cleansing rite of Venus and a Solar purge and here comes this stone, this massive kidney stone out my dick.

In the aftermath he said you may find this takes you to new places and, well, he's right. Kind of.

In the aftermath I realized that when I did my initial Saturn working that I was too broad and the blowback from the expansion of boundaries was intense. It came to me while I was out with my hetero life mate Eric. We were talking about some recent events in my life that have heavily skewed what were important aspects of my life and as I explained in metaphor about ever widening circles of helter skelter rationalization for decisions made repeatedly since that initial Seven Spheres operation was first begun, the building of the implements and preparation for the working and how walls came up repeatedly in one area of my life that no matter how I was or what I did I couldn't get through for more than short periods of time, it hit me.

I remembered my working from the prior year and what exactly I said to Cassiel. "Expand the boundaries of my kingdom" and in the aftermath a series of traumatic events occurred that related to the other 6 spheres of the operation but I didn't get how it related to Saturn aside from coping with death in my family.

The thing with Saturnian work is that when one boundary is expanded, it has to compensate in another area within your resources as you work to develop the areas that you are seeking to expand, in a sense. Just throwing out a general "expand my boundaries" results in a snapping of the rubber band and into areas of your life that are unexpected because they were the more stable areas, stringing those areas rather sharply and exposing weaknesses that later workings should focus on.

I not only understood why the Archangels had told me to lay off of Esoteric Voudon  for a year but also why some of my workings with the LHG had gone sour. Some, not all. Why I couldn't have discipline in that work and why I was so focused on the Seven Spheres work the last year or so. 

Earlier in the week, that Monday, I had opened the gates to Gabriel and the Moon and in that working Gabriel, without prompting, opened the gates back into Esoteric Voudon. It was a flood of experience. While I had been working with the LHG a bit during the year against the angels instruction, because fuck angels ya know (not really), and was championing the system rather intensely, I had not felt the intensity that I usually experienced when working with the Hoodoo. It worked off and on, when it did work it was crazy effective and things that were in cooperation with the work I had been doing with the Seven Spheres but when it didn't relate to the Spheres, it just fizzled with a groan. But now, now it is back to hearing the spirits and feeling their presence as strongly as I did before. A clear channel of back and forth and while I could converse with them before, it wasn't as easy and I could feel the push/pull of my brain to hear answers I wanted to hear to my questions but smoother and flowing like it was before the Seven Spheres. 

The week before, the day after I was released from the hospital I opened the gates to Raphael and Mercury. I was still a little lopsided from the opiates I was taking. I had taken a pain killer a couple hours before I set up my temple space for the working, but I began to feel the healing I had requested from Raphael but it wasn't pretty. I stopped taking the prescription I had for Narcon and went to work that night. Just after our lunch break boy oh boy did I regret being there as I began to feel the subtle withdrawal of suddenly stopping the opiates and was pulling my hair out and clocked out and sat in my car for half an hour. The effects wore off in a week but weren't entirely pleasant. Yeah I am writing about bad shit, I know, it will be all good when I am done here. I actually feel better not having finished the prescription.  I got dark from how I felt.

But yeah I opened the gates of the Moon the following Monday and Gabriel was so gracious and healing, removing many illusions and exposing truth. I realized a lot following that working, I opened up to a lot and to what had snapped inside me. I also realized what I needed to do now was retract the boundaries I had expanded and had been feeling so stretched thin with and stinging from to their proper, natural order. This story just isn't flowing right at all! Anyway...

I went out with my bro-friend and that day I had opened the Gates of Saturn. I had talked to Rufus the day before and he had suggested working with Samekh as a Solarian balancing force for all these energies I had unleashed through the last year and was fully set on doing a week of Samekh when Saturn had made it obvious how to balance these energies out.

You see, another flashback here, I was still uncertain how to approach the Esoteric Voudon at this point.

Sure, dedication rituals and request rituals but I needed deeper, I needed to really crack the eggs so to speak.

The Friday before Saturn, the night before I visited my friend Aaron and he gave me something very special. It was something I really wanted but couldn't afford at this time. He gave a copy of the Tarot of the Emissary by Sean Woodward and the deck was calling to me. I didn't do a reading with it. I just opened the pack and started looking at the cards. I was sitting on my handy dandy futon after dinner, fully prepared to launch this Samekh working and the spirits started talking.

I understood what I needed to do, especially after cracking open Atua vol. 1 and reading Zazen Voudon by Ariock Van Der Voorde.

I set up my Voudon altar for a dedication ritual, qued up the M7R lesson I left off at and hopped in the tub, said the prayer for Good possession and performed a request ritual to balance out the planetary spheres and heal. I worked with the first twelve syzygies from the lessons and felt this intense sense of "otherness" in their corresponding regions of the body. I meditated on this feeling for a few moments and made my notes in my journal.

Immediately I felt a shift as the energies began to align in my spheres and I worked with two points, the end of the first Cycle of Spheres and then the bliss of the first year I was here before that occurred in order to rewire the impact of the trauma and soften the impact immensely in order to bypass the anxiety induced by the experience that I have felt since it first occurred.

As I work with the syzygies and felt each open up in my esoteric corpse, I have felt aspects of myself reawakening, aspects that had been dead for a year out of the effects of the trauma. The center I am working on now, the heart center, is very Eros oriented.

One aspect of me that kind of atrophied was my Luciferian perspective. The intensely sensual energy working I used to experience with my former partner, I had closed myself off out of the anxiety, anxiety I had felt since I first left to return to Detroit and only intermittently was able to open up even though it was the very thing that connected me to her. My confidence had been shattered in the very areas that I was most expressive with in the past. Now, through the heart center, I feel that healing and those energies, that willingness to share and work with energies outside of my own shell, opening back up.

Where I am also reawakening is that I was always a magician on the path of Saturnian awakening. The path of Saturn Gnosis. In my desire to open myself up to more Jupiterian devotion, that aspect, which is distinctly Luciferian, atrophied and weakened like a broken limb put in a cast. When I first got here in the Louisville area I was still very Saturnian in my work. I still smile at how that would manifest in my life around me and my relationship. I remember the intense joy I felt as a unique individual sharing an orbit with another unique individual. As I embraced Jupiterian work exclusively, I found that being blurred and in retrospect, as the working with Cassiel unveiled.

Am I saying the Jupiterian path is bad wrong fun? Hell no. Works great for a lot of my friends, hell I have had many blessings and I am not turning my back to Jupiter by any means. That way leads to folly but in the last week I have been re-experiencing the Saturnian Awakening in leaps and bounds and for that I am thankful. For the blessings & grace of Jupiter I am thankful as well. It's helped to quell some of the more selfish aspects of my way.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

What Makes One Royal

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Last weekend Rufus Opus mentioned something I had not heard of and so I investigated it the last few days and was astonished with what I found. Not so much that I was incredulous that it existed but more so the hypocrisy of the whole thing.

Now that I have your curiosity piqued, We will get into the thrust of this post. Rufus mentioned a movement that had some momentum behind it and was positing questionable ethics and tactics. This movement is called Return of Kings

The idea behind these guys, and I am not going to link to this thing because I don't want to give them much thought after this paragraph, is a return to what they see as virile, manly culture. The site is rife with rape culture, homophobic/transphobic inanity and also, sadly, some decent stuff in regards to understanding social intelligence... somehow. Having grown out of the Pick Up Artist community, they've cast an even worse light on these guys than they already possessed. If you want to check them out, google it.

But it got me thinking about what makes a man, well, a man. What is virility? Recently two men passed away that I think exemplify what it means to be virile.  David Bowie & Prince. Now before you start going off on me wait for it, the real point of this post. 

Both men blurred gender lines, being almost androgen, especially Prince as Bowie dialed back on it as the years went on. But what is it about them that made them virile, or masculine. 

They were comfortable with themselves and moved from within that power. This isn't a virile quality though so maybe the term has been misused, intentionally in order to make the point in our two examples here.

The point is actually what makes someone a King or a Queen. Is it blood? Is it being a massive dick and demanding complete loyalty?

Yeah, don't be that guy.

Liber AL, as Crowley put it, and I summarize it, provides the keys to unlocking our Royal Race, something that Hermeticism also emphasizes. By race I don't mean black, white, asian etc. because the texts in question do not mean indicate that and yes, I have read the third chapter of AL. I am also well aware of Crowley's drawbacks as a human being. That is a different subject and better addressed reading Perdurabo & Do What Thou Wilt.

What is important here is two fold. Thelema's emphasis on discovering the True Will & Hermetics emphasis on the divine within and becoming co-creator with God in your universe. Because that is what you are.

That's a heady subject. It is easy to say and harder to wrap your head around because all through life we have been taught we are not in power. That we are fated. Films, music, TV and other media invoke mythological archetypes that are actually detrimental to our development. The archetype of the Disney princess puts not just women in bad mental wiring but men as well. We have to find someone we feel complete in and everything will be 100% awesome after. It gets ingrained in our wiring rather than being accepted for what it truly is, entertainment. One animation that speaks the truth though? 

Right there summarizes a great chunk of what I think people are missing. Isn't it beautiful? 

So the True Will. I have discussed this in the past on this blog and I actually speak of it in two contexts, that of the A:.A:.  and that of the general sense. Here I am going to speak of it outside the confines of that order and more in terms of you, me, her, him, & them.

There is this idea that the True Will is some singular thing, such as being a doctor or artist. While that is certainly a part of it but it is just a piece of the puzzle. What makes a man, a man and a woman, a woman, be they birth gender or transgender, is purpose. To perform the True Will, to act in accordance with the Universe and the Secret of the documentary and book fame, is to live with purpose. That is one piece of the puzzle of what makes one royal.

So what are the other pieces?

Well for starters integrity & honor. Remember when Crowley wrote about the Magical Oath in Magick in Theory & Practice? Now when you refer back to the famous chapter 0? Every act is an act of Magick and every promise made? It is a magical oath and great one. To break a promise is to lose both integrity & honor. If you can not keep a simple promise, how can you perform so great a task as a Magical Oath? How can you be royalty in the truest sense of the word, a sovereign running his own state, and therefore universe?

So someone who is a King, Queen (Quing?) should operate from these three points, Purpose, Honor & Integrity. The next step is not to operate out of fear.

Did you cast a love spell? Why? Were you afraid of losing your precious girlfriend/boyfriend? You were operating out of fear. Fear of loss, fear of pain. The Book of the Law provides very profound guidelines for Thelemites, that race most royally run, for how to operate in a paradigm of power & purpose as well as without fear.

To get back to the return of kings crap, these guys operate out of fear. Fear of failure, fear of trans and homosexual individuals. In most cases, like the homophobic politician, a deep look into their psyches would reveal a badly beat down curious person. Probably some trauma. So they attack these people as sick perverts but at the same time advocating for rape culture. A true King does not operate from this paradigm because a true king, especially in the Thelemic sense, operates from a paradigm of each individual being a sovereign of their own state in & of themselves. This gets back to my post on gossip. Go read it again.

So you wanna be a King or Queen? Well forget gender roles, unless you want to live in them and feel fulfilled by that and if you don't, well then don't fucking judge people who do choose to live in those roles. It isn't your place and if you feel threatened by a man & woman in traditional gender roles, by choice, you really need to get deep into your own psyche and see what is going on with you. The idea is that as Royalty you choose your purpose, you choose your destiny and by doing your True Will and living in that purpose then when Billy wants to be Julie, you won't feel threatened by that because it isn't you. The Book of the Law says "Thou hast no right but to do thy Will! Do that and no other shall say thee nay!". The other side of that there coin is that you can't tell someone else "NAY". If Mohammed's wife wears a burka, well that is on her, don't push your morality onto her or him. If she doesn't want to wear the damn thing, she should leave him if he forces her to wear it.

Next, quit waiting for someone else to save you. Take charge, save yourself. Prince Charming and Cinderella have something in common with Jesus:

Next, examine your life, figure out what is wrong. Make a list and you know what? Start with the easy stuff because then you can build momentum. Do you want to change the kind of partner you attract? Write out what you want from a new partner. What are your boundaries? Do you want more money in your life? Monetize skills, go back to school and learn marketable skills.

SCREEECH! Wait. I thought this was a magick blog???

It is! But first you have to get your mundane life in order! You have to get the shit knocked out. Do you smoke too much pot and that's why you have no money because you spend it on pot & then get high and decide not to go to work? Well don't bitch about money, take charge. Quit smoking pot, shooting up or snorting lines. Magick takes money. You have to buy candles, incense, etc. for your ritual work. Capice?

If you don't have the mundane locked down then you will be distracted from the Work & your purpose. You call on some angelic force for deeper wisdom about their sphere of influence and *poof* you're talking to them about your mundane shit, like your girlfriend or your asking for money again, well, you're doing it wrong. Most of your magick should be done when you have that shit taken care of and you know what, if you're operating from your purpose, you won't worry about that girlfriend even when she's gone. You'll be too focused on your own work. I am not saying don't do magick to help the relationship because sometimes when communication breaks down it sure is nice to have your girlfriend come out and tell you new things she is into and get some healing going on but it is better when you do it together rather than on your own.

So to summarize: Integrity, Honor, Purpose, Courage. That is what made Bowie & Prince royalty, it is what made them real Alphas. Sometimes we fuck up. That's the human part.

Love is the law, love under will

I will have more on this in the coming weeks.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rufus Opus in Indianapolis

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

So this past weekend Brother R.O. was in Indianapolis on the invitation of Anabasis Encampment with his amazing fiancée Harper Feist. Of course I had to go, I started the process of getting him in the area almost two years ago but my plans fell through about a year back.

Recently R.O. has been getting raked over the coals by a certain unnamed Tumblr page. While humorous at first it really went too far. Exceedingly so. Before that I'd seen some snide commentary on him in a few places but brushed it off. Now we aren't close by any means but we do chat from time to time. I'd call him a friend for sure though because he's one of those who checks in with me on occasion.

So when I found out I set aside vacation time and grabbed my buddy Eric and we set off in my new fancy dancey car, brave the Thunder of Louisville traffic fest and set off for Indy on 2 hours of sleep for an amazing event. I am going to be straight and say that it was probably the best workshop I have attended for a long time, only Bill Duvendack's lecture on magical timing at Babalon Rising came close to "damn that was awesome". No slight to my friends whose lectures I have attended, they were all great but Rufus and Harper gave so much good information to crunch my teeth on and with such confidence that I was impressed. Harper's lecture on scrying was alone worth the $25. Then they did a Conjuration of Cassiel that blew my socks off.

Let me say this, some people, they get rubbed the wrong way by Rufus and think he is some arrogant bastard or something. His blog is pretty bombastic and crude but when you meet the guy you get two impressions. First, he loves talking about this stuff and sharing his experiences and secondly, he's actually a pretty humble guy and great to hang out with. He saw me come in and gave me a big hug. I met Harper and talked with her during the mingling. They were gracious with the guests and open to questions and sharing with us. Both of them, just great people.  Meet them, attend their workshop and most of all... buy the book. I can't guarantee your life won't blow up but if it does, it probably needed to happen.

Love is the law, love under will

More Seven Spheres: Rufus the Bastiche

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Ok after that little rant in my last post I wanted to do another one talking about the Seven Spheres by Rufus Opus.

He's a bastard*. I say that with the most love I can have for a human being and with my tongue so entirely in my cheek that I think I may have poked a hole in it.

So late 2014 I bought the Seven Spheres, hell I reviewed it here, I know you bastards read it, it has a ton of hits but that's a refresher. Then I made my equipment and through December-January I worked it. I realized I have not really discussed that here and Andrew Martini had asked me months ago to write a post about my experiences in the system on the Esoteric Book Reviews Facebook group so I am going to do that here.

In my review, which was a working review, I said the effects were subtle but as time went on they most definitely were not subtle. In fact they were an explosive devastating traumatic and skullfuckery inducing course of events that were more like a wake up call to things that I never, ever paid attention to and thought I had a handle on. My life exploded like an atomic bomb going off in the middle of my soul. It was gut wrenching. I was horrible with money. I was horribly self absorbed in my relationship and not only that... I did the workings, got the information and sat on it. Like a fat kid hiding a cupcake under his bed!!! No wonder things exploded. The angels gave me the information and I ignored it and went about life like "lah dee fricking dah I am so awesome".

So what happened? When I started the work of building the gear I walked out of a horrible, horrible job. We were all over worked with no signs of 7 days a week letting up on top of that they were making us stay at last minute, literally, notice for another 4 hours of the day and the net pay for 80 hours was only about $60 bucks over my 60 hour checks. Yeah, fuck that. I was sick and didn't have time to myself, couldn't make a doctor's appointment or anything real life and because of the telling us last minute when we had to stay we couldn't even call to cancel any appointments we had made and if we didn't/couldn't stay they pointed us.

About a month after the end of the working my partner ended our relationship, I had to move out of what had been home with this wonderful woman for a year. I went to the hospital after having blacked out and having mild neurological issues late one night. And then my grandmother died, a week after the break up.

Rufus, the bastiche, contacted me during this and I told him about what was going on and he said "sounds like you need to do Seven Spheres in seven days". I thought he was bonkers. In M7R I was hearing similar stories to my own and thought "whadafuq" and decided... fuck it, I will do what he says.

The day before my grandmother died I performed the first of the Seven Spheres, an evocation of Cassiel, the Archangel of Saturn and also an evocation of Orobas. I was at a friend's house dogsitting and set it up in his living room on the floor. I called on Cassiel and set him about my dirty work. Then I got the call from my brother in the morning. I performed an Evocation of Gabriel in the morning, set about my dirty work.

I had been invited to stay with a friend in Indiana, just across the river and that Tuesday we went to lunch when my partner contacted me about my grandmother and later that day we talked. A few days and a couple evocations later, like a messenger of God, she opened up to me about my issues. Things that needed to change and these weren't "I want to change you" type of revelations but serious, you really need to get this shit in order and stop fucking around for you, not me type revelations.

I was always an aesthetic in life. I owned what I needed, bare minimum, and lived paycheck to paycheck paying no nevermind to anything else, including my health or future but here was this angelic being laying out to me, yeah you can't do that and be a magician of any sort of capacity. I had always blown off people I respected in the occult when they said it because I didn't see anything wrong with how I lived my life and now that I am 40... oy vey I wish I had listened to them.

So I took the advice she gave to me and did the proper angelic conjurations and followed their instructions and processed visions that were given to me. I had not had a bank account in several years and that was one thing that was brought to my attention. Raphael instructed me to go to a particular bank at a particular time on a particular day. I won't say I half assed it as I went to a different location and learned through that experience why the archangel said this bank so I went on the appointed day, Wednesday, in the hour of Mercury and as I walked in their financial advisor came out of her office, I wasn't even in the door fully and asked if I needed help and set up an appointment to see my options and help me fix my credit. It was like she just locked on me. I went to the appointment, opened a restricted account and a savings account and began the process of rebuilding my credit and saving money.

Another thing was not having my own car. I knew that was an issue but the depth of it hadn't occurred to me because I had been living close to work in Cleveland and my ex in Detroit had a car but that was a cortisol induced nightmare of fucktardery. I had unintentionally given the impression I wanted to rely on my partner to cart me around and man, I didn't want that. At all. That's too much stress on her but I was reliant on her. So I focused on the spheres to make that all happen. Shortly after Babalon Rising I bought a car just to get me to and from work and to her place on the other side of Louisville for when we spent time together but I will be honest that car... piece of shit. Transmission started going bad and the radiator developed a coolant leak but I appreciated the shit out of it because I wasn't stuck relying on others for rides to work. The angels took care of me though. I had already been told there would be big trouble in the eighth month with the car but to get it because it was a grand and my credit rating, less said the better but I wouldn't be able to afford acar with the shit rating I had, if I could get a loan at all.

I did ignore one instruction from the archangels. See not only was there a lot of spiritual drama, but I had intimations from the Aether that the Archons were escaping their prisons... whatever that means. At the time I thought this means I need to focus on this and that and little did I know that this work would realign that, my personal archons, my own demons. So I immediately pranced around that and started doing this other stuff they said "nooooooooooo set that aside and focus on what we have to tell you". Let me tell you that got ugly. I made a talisman... when I took it out of it's special envelope it had turned a sickly brown and black, the ink, run... and on paper that hadn't been wet. It was just ugly to look at and so... I destroyed it. The energy released was crazy immense, some things exploded and I just sat here watching the aftermath implode around me because I had realized I was operating out of my Nephesh, which can be done, in fact it is a necessity sometimes but only when aligned with the Jechidah. I didn't do a love spell, but this is an example of why you don't do a love spell. Generally we do them from the Nephesh, because we do them on something we are afraid to lose. This talisman wasn't like that, it was a healing talisman.

Sounds great right? Why did it turn to shit? It was one based in fear rather than from a place of strength. We are talking a lot of energy here and when operating from that space we will experience backlash in due time based on the energy released and I released a lot of energy creating this talisman. Because I was afraid, that energy fed into the talisman, thus creating this diseased, impure entity that just needed to die a cold, painful death. The archangels warnings bore fruit. I needed healing but not that kind of healing. The energy that came back on me was proportionate to the energy released but not related except tangentially.

During that time I was able to use the Hoodoo system with the Seven Spheres to get a new, extremely nice car as somehow, in a year, my credit had leapt 75 points. Still not great but I found a car I could afford that is very much along the lines of what I was thinking during the ritual but didn't think I could afford. My bank account, in October had turned into an unrestricted one in six months as opposed to the year I was originally told. I found an apartment I could afford with some decent chaps. Essentially, even though I was living with my partner for a year after nearly two years homeless in Michigan, I was still "homeless" and made a 180° turn into a functioning adult again. I see the Seven Spheres functioning in my life, how they work, to an extent.

When the implosion occurred recently I did the Seven Spheres in seven days again after not having done anything with it since Babalon Rising. I am still looking into the effects but I have seen results. I moved into a new, better & less stressful position at work and began the mentorship program to enter into management when there is an opening. Some walls were definitely knocked down at the expense of some walls going up in other areas. I started this a week after destroying that healing talisman and the implosion that occurred the same day. What I had realized about this talisman was that it was holding me back from other things and provided healing on a huge scale but also caused walls in other areas that I couldn't see over.

So what was the healing talisman for you ask? I missed my step-daughter from my time in Michigan and I wasn't able to deal with it properly. My partner, well... ex partner... bless her, justifiably had/has resentment for that time period. I didn't talk about it much out of respect for her. Anael taught me that back at Babalon Rising during my conjuration of her at that festival. I've discussed the vision of the Lamb before on here, I don't think it needs repeating. But I wasn't able to get healing for that time and I just bottled it up and it was a conversation with that ex that led to the healing ritual because... bless her too, she was just the absolutely wrong person for me and while I barely have interacted with her since I left, there was a conversation one night that was just "HOLY FUCKING JESUS CHRIST! WHY?!?" and reminded me why we never worked out and never should have been together in the first place.** The talisman instead just made me forget about it all and other problems here just festered.

Well a couple weeks ago I called up Anael during that Seven Spheres in Seven Days operation and usually Anael just gives me this awesome dopamine boost and I feel all "yeah this is life" because Anael is all about love, production and the sweet things in life and the heart. Note those italics.

The heart isn't always awesome and great, sometimes it just fucking hurts and needs to have that pain expressed. Boy did Anael bring that shit out. I sat here after that conjuration like what the hell is wrong with me. Talked to R.O. and he said a few things that could be true but immediately after talking to him I hopped on my trusty (not so much, it is getting sketchy) tablet and was cleaning it out when I found a hidden folder of pictures that were shared with me a few years ago after Halloween by my Michigan ex, pictures of the kid. This sweet little four year old I helped raise for nearly two years and adored with all my heart and damn man, I just started crying. I'd had this hollow feeling in my heart for two years that Phoenix couldn't fill, that kept her at a distance and I couldn't open up about and resented feeling and here were a ton of pictures of her, like forty, hidden on my tablet and I spent the day in this funk. I felt so much loss and hurt. I didn't think the pain would go away and then I called up Cassiel and all this weight just lifted off of me. I felt free.

Seven Spheres. That's the shit right there. Rufus is a wily bastard.

*No, he isn't a bastard. I hung out with him a bit over the weekend and he's a pretty awesome guy. See next post.

**In fact, I should have just come here the first time. Fear, horrible motivator

Nephesh, gossip, endorphins and the Suck

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

So I have been meaning to post for a while and might have a couple tonight but I saw this image earlier and it spiked my need to write this post, which I have been contemplating for a while anyway. Just to get it out of my system.

Too many people out there love to gossip and usually about things that they don't have any business gossiping about. They will have some minor knowledge or incorrect information and think that gives the ability, nay the right, to express an opinion that is detrimental to another. It generally sickens me having come up through the occult how I did, especially in certain unnamed Thelemic circles and I am not saying THE O.T.O. here so don't think I am running off my mouth about that because I am not running off my mouth about any one person, thing or institution but about individuals. If that makes sense continue reading.

An important part of Thelema is learning to mind one's own business because with the Freedom to explore ourselves we will often make mistakes and unless we share that information with someone, it doesn't help to spread gossip about them. I have, in the past, been targeted for gossip as we all have and my general response is to ignore it when it is about myself. The problem is, and why I ignore it in general, is that usually such talk is based on half-baked assertions and in order to demonize someone, be it a former lover, a friend, or someone we do not like, in order to lift ourselves up.

This is primarily a manifestation of the Ahamkara, the Ego making faculty of the psychic body and also a manifestation of a Nephesh unaligned with the Supernal self, three part and for general purposes I will call Jichidah, or Yeekeydaw for those needing a pronunciation.

The Nephesh is the root of these issues, here is how Crowley explains the Nephesh in Little Essays Towards Truth:

This is usually translated the "Animal Soul." It is the vehicle of the Ruach, the instrument by which the Mind is brought into contact with the dust of Matter in the Abyss, that it may feel it, judge it, and react to it. This is itself a principle still spiritual, in a sense; the actual body of man os composed of the dust of Matter, temporarily held together by the Principles which inform it, for their own purposes, and ultimately for the supreme purposes of self-realisation of Jechidah.

But Nephesch, devised as it is with no other object that the direct traffic with Matter, tends to partake of its incoherence. Its faculties of perceiving pain and pleasure lure it into paying undue attention to one set of phenomena, into shunning another. Hence, for the Nephesch to do its work as it should, it requires to be dominated by the severest discipline. Nor is the Ruach itself to be trusted in this matter. It has its own tendencies to weakness and injustice. It tries every trick—and it is diabolically clever—to arrange its business with Matter in the sense most convenient to its inertia, without the smallest consideration of its duty to the Supernal Triad, cut off as that is from its comprehension; indeed, unsuspecting as it normally is of its existence."

I use a slightly different spelling to accommodate pronunciation but this principle is the root of the issue as the Nephesh and the Jechidah both communicate to the Ruach, or personality in all its subtleties. Because we are based in matter the Nephesh seeks domination because it pursues comfort, it pursues the known and comfortable. I call it the "Celebutante" of the spiritual make up of man.  It is also that part of us that seeks to define things as the other.

When we are depressed we live in the Nephesh, it helps the Ruach to rationalize possibly damaging behavior and to see the negative in people even when it isn't there. It is that part of us that says "Johnny is a bad person because he doesn't do things like we do" and to reject him even when we know damn well Johnny has a lot in common with us. The Nephesh will encourage the Ruach to jump to conclusions and to spew the most unnecessary nonsense. Why?

The Nephesh likes to justify our bad behaviors, it is the part of us that says that the needle in our arm currently pushing heroin into our bloodstream is a great and wonderful thing and because it makes us feel good, or with enough time normal, that it must be our True Will. Holy snikeys. I've discussed this a bit on the blog but I feel it bears repeating.

But for the same reasons the Nephesh also encourages us to talk about others in order to get that subtle endorphin release from feeling superior or help us create distance with that lover that we still love but can't get off our minds after the relationship is over. The Nephesh says that if we can create rationalized, the faculty of the Ruach, reasons for the end of the relationship or to create distance from the relationship, then the pain will stop. It actually works both ways, when we fall "in love" the Nephesh will create all sorts of connections that don't exist because of the dopamine and oxytocin releases we get from the person. Over time both of these drop and cortisol is released and usually the higher we got in the initial period of the relationship, the bigger the cortisol dump will be and the Nephesh will start to say "why are we here, what are we doing, this person doesn't get us". It will encourage us to not see the points of similarity.

This applies to friendships as well because we get dopamine releases from our friends based on the value they bring to our lives. But there is always a dump. It could come from a disagreement, or misunderstanding and our Nephesh will start screaming "run away". If we work through it we will get back to a more balanced and subtle dopamine release in their presence. But the Nephesh when improperly aligned will either tell us go all in or get the fuck out. Then it will create reasons, rationalization for the behaviors that are not reflective of reality and we will start talking gossip to others to justify these thoughts and endorphin releases. This is usually a sign that we are actually questioning whether what we are thinking/doing is right. For an initiate to indulge in this behavior is not good.

Our body is two different instruments, it is the laboratory and it is the subject of the experiment. Each of us is consciousness seeking to have an experience. Gossiping is a sign of imbalance in how we are experiencing the universe. Through our endocrine system we seek to understand the universe around us but if we aren't objective in our perceptions of the subjective, we make a "great miss". What we must do is seek to experience from the Jechidah and bring the four faculties of the occult body, the Jechidah, Ruach, Nephesh and G'uph, or physical body, into alignment with one another. The process of initiation in Thelema can be defined as the Marriage of the Nephesh with the Jechidah, which gives birth to a purer Ruach. In this alignment we can be active observers of the universe without outcome dependence. 

Outcome dependence is the root of cortisol release. It is the stress hormone and makes us feel like we are trapped in a cage with a man eating tiger. It is the source of anxiety.  Gossip is just an aspect of outcome dependence. When people don't meet our expectations we experience a cortisol dump because these expectations are outcome dependence. We were dependent on a person being a certain way that we imagined and may not have been true.

In my previous relationship I was in a constant state of cortisol release, overstressed, angry and stuck, even though I wasn't stuck. I could have left easily and did so, twice. I also chose to go back, twice. All because I had begun operating out of the Nephesh and it feared*, and therefore "I" feared, what was different and unknown and chose to go back to what I knew because if I knew what to expect then I wouldn't experience what could be a painful change. Now, having made that change and moved out and, most importantly, away, I have experienced a much better life, much happier life. Sure it has had it's ups and downs but my persona, Ruach, is generally more balanced and in alignment with my True Will. I am having better success with my finances, new cars, a job I actually do love even when it stresses me out. It isn't all peaches and cream but in being in more alignment with my Jechidah, I have a more balanced look at what my life entails and my relationships. The hard part is realizing not everyone operates the same way or gets it and I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that most people will always be outcome dependent and therefore full of gossip to justify their own decisions and behavior. To that I can't even say "mind your own business" but can say well, that's people and if they feel the need to demonize me for their own peace of mind not much I can do except be me.

*what was I afraid of? Love, real love, supportive, caring love. I was so worn down that when I found someone that I could feel something real with my nephesh just said "nope, you'll fuck it up" so I ran away. Idiot. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mastering Lucky Hoodoo Part 5: Houses of the Holy

Finally we get to the last part of the online version of Mastering Lucky Hoodoo, which focuses on the final lesson of the course as included in The Voudon Gnostic Workbook. This post will also summarize the work and have an epilogue to the series and address what has been left out of the web version of the text.

The final lesson is on how the Lucky Hoodoo has life long success as a reader and advisor as well as a lesson on the Atua *ah too ah*, or what amounts to a spirit box and home for the spirits that work with you.

Throughout the lessons we have been given snippets of information and basic guidelines on doing ritual and spell work with the Hoo and the Doo spirits and the first part of this lesson illustrates my point through all 5 parts of Mastering Lucky Hoodoo, which is that not only is this a course on spell work but it is also a lesson on initiation and of a sorcerous type at that. I've read a few forums where people have posted saying that in using the LHG that they feel it is very Qlippothic and dark magick but that's all just ignorant poppycock. This is a primordial gnosis, or as David Beth like to say Hyperborean magick. I tend to agree with him and the initiations discussed in the first part of this lesson are very much along the lines of "pact work" discussed in some of Jake Stratton-Kent's work where the spirits that one works with provide lessons and instruction in what direction the sorcerer needs to take in their studies for the most positive impact on their lives.

Through the daily work outlined in Lesson 3 and steady practice of the rest of the lessons of the LHG we enter deeper and deeper into our symbiotic relationship with these spirits and honestly, anyone who thinks this grimoire is Qlippothic has just bit the apple of the modern Left Hand Path movement hook, line and sinker and that's a damn shame. Oh yeah, I said it. The modern LHP movement is a damn joke. It's spooky for spooky's sake and rebellious and undisciplined. LHP now means "I like this person so I am going to say they are LHP" and schmucks buy it because they want to rebel against "The Man" or "The Order" or whatever other thing they have replaced their parental figures with. LHP means to dress something up and throw in some Qlippothic sounding names and wear some make-up for my author's picture and be all gothic and vampiric rather than indulging in the scholarship and actual works on the LHP that would show just how incorrect these idiots are in their interpretation of the LHP. Just grab Cave of the Numinous by Craig Williams or Voudon Gnosis by David Beth and you'll get more LHP than you will find in the average "spooky dark" occult manual claiming to be the secrets of "the dark, sinister, left hand path".

Oh my, I have digressed. Gonna have to edit that out of the Monograph... heh heh heh.

But what I am getting at is that this grimoire is no more Qlippothic than the Goetia or any other grimoire aside from being more primordial, which we are shown by the last words of the Lesson itself. This grimoire is a complete system of self-initiation and empowerment and in the closing paragraphs Bertiaux discusses more advanced lessons that to the casual reader would seem to be the rest of the VGW itself. Well, no. Sprinkled throughout the lessons are core elements of the Monastery of the Seven Rays lessons, from the astrological aspects of the Contraite to the 8th lesson on Sex & Attraction. The whole course is founded on the materials in the M7R lessons and yet completely accessible within itself because it maintains a consistent, simple system of magical work that doesn't require physical initiation from a Guru or Master. The crafty sorcerer, with the help of the Hoo & Doo spirits can build on the material presented here by just following the simple core laid out in these ten lessons and then develop a system working much of the VGW lessons that could of benefit to the Sorceror if not actual Esoteric Voudon work from the M7R foundations.

A little more on the supposed Qlippothic nature of the LHG: read the myths of not just the deities of Africa but all pantheons and you will most definitely see a very dark undercurrent weaving itself. Stories of death and sex, revenge, descents into hell pepper the myths of all pantheons and in the modern LHP movement it seems almost as if they want to lay exclusive claim to these things. Almost like because Vama Marg is the Left Hand Path and involves Kali and Sex and primordial Gnosticism that sex, death, revenge and descents into hell just gotta be LHP. I'd like to see some of these people take initiation in the O.T.O., Golden Dawn or A:.A:.. I'm just sayin'.

But what is going on in initiation in the LHG? Well the writing is on the wall in Lesson 3 and Lesson 6. Possession and mental power being given and developed in the magician. Lessons and empowerments granted by the Spirits themselves. The contact with the spirits can become extremely deep and Lesson 6 helps us to keep the bad spirits away. So... how is that Qlippothic?

What is happening is you are becoming a house for the spirits but in a very general sense. If you read further into the book you read about the Points-Chaud, or Hot Points on the Body. These are power zones in the subtle body similar to the classical chakra system and are places wherein spirits dwell for you to work with. You are becoming a living Atua for the spirits, a vessel, consecrated and blessed by the spirits for them to work through and for you to work with them. As your "possession" by the helpful spirits increases and the "possession" by the negative spirits decreases, your life changes in positive ways. You smile more, you have a greater confidence, a primal aura that is magnetic and draws people to it and many of these people need help that you can give them and like the spirits with the offerings you give them, these people give you offerings because not only are you a sorcerer but you are also a Lucky Hoodoo spirit now.

Unlike working with the M7R and receiving those empowerments and blessings though, the power zones aren't as precise as they would be working with the M7R courses and you know what? That's great because not everyone will be truly called to the work of the M7R or the O.T.O.A.-LCN but this powerful system of magick is right there for you to use and develop on your own, to help yourself and others. The lessons give you an amazing foundation to build a wonderful, beautiful system of sorcery and magick to make your life wonderful & beautiful and full of wonder.

That's why I am writing this series, because I want everyone to put this little grimoire to use!! And I am not done talking about Houses of the Holy in this post but man, I just had to say that last paragraph. It's just fucking beautiful!

The second part of the lesson is about the Atua itself, not your body, but a box with a lid that goes on your altar as a place for the spirits to indwell in your home. This post was hard for me to write to be honest and I am going to tell you why because man, getting a box and painting it and putting things the spirits like into it, how hard can that be??

Well for me, damn hard and here is why: Almost my whole life I have been a vagabond. I've never really had a permanent home for more than a couple years and the longest I stayed in one place since I turned 18 was in Logan, Ohio for 7 years and four different homes. So yeah, I don't tend to have a permanent place or altar and because of that I unconsciously put off this very, very important lesson. If I didn't have a home per se, how can I provide a permanent home for the spirits?

I started looking around me, at my paraphernalia of the occult and I have this little box where I have been keeping my Goetic seals etc. so those little buggers don't get out and cause havoc. I gave those little buggers an Atua and insult to injury, the box came from the Dominican Republic, just outside Haiti!!! Orobas, Bune and others had this nice little comfy box they sit in and wait for me to need them while my HooDoo spirits get shoved in my back pack when I go on a trip or sit on a table haphazardly, or on the fridge, or in a cardboard box and well, man, that's just fucked.

The Atua is a special thing though. It's a container where we can put our candles in, incenses, Lucky Hoodoo Spirit Windows (but why would you want to? get those bad boys on the wall!!) and other LHG materials for storage and further empowerment as this thing, that's the home of the spirits man! How bad ass is that? You have a talisman to have blessed or to keep it's charge from a previous Hoodoo working? Put that shit in the box for a few days and boom, it's got some mojo. Want a coin blessed for your coin magick you've picked up from Kyle Fite? In the box for the spirits to work their mojo man! You use Jason Miller's Cash Box from Sorceror's Secrets and Financial Sorcery? Well write out a request to ask the spirits to do the same thing as that cash box when you put money in it and put it in there and let the spirits juice the cash like the Cash Box does. Hell put your Contraite in there for added mojo.

You see where I am going? Use the Atua, like your body, in the work you are doing with the HooDoo spirits. Keep the spirits working because that is what they want to do. They want to work, that's why they're called, ya know, work spirits. With a permanent place in your home they will be able to do more work with you even if you aren't getting the candles out every day or even week.

Take care of the box, keep it clean, perfume it, put things in it that the spirits want. I have a coin talisman from Kyle Fite that wanted an Atua for itself and it really wanted to be kept in a Wintergreen Altoids tin! I kid you not. I am taking it that that spirit in that talisman like the smell of Wintergreen.

So listen to the spirits and they will tell you what they like and what they want and the box will take on a life of it's own and become a living entity that seems to move and breathe and will be a key part of your household. 


So this series has been really popular and I am very grateful to everyone who has shared the posts and told me in private or in public how much they enjoy it. While this last part has taken a while to get out there, and hopefully it is as well received as the last several, astute readers may notice I have left some elements of the LHG out of the article. Well there is a reason and that is some things you just have to figure out for yourself through practice. I don't want people just repeating what I do, how I see things. The whole point of these articles is to get people excited about the LHG and start doing the work. I have had more success using this grimoire and system than any other system I have found and that is because it is so remarkably easy to use. I think Bertiaux may have invented the greatest of all magical formulas with this grimoire, Keep It Simple Stupid, K.I.S.S.. What a wonderful word of power!

I also wanted to show how Bertiaux's work ain't so fucking crazy or out there by showing how it has a firm foundation in Western Magick and also ATR practices even if it doesn't really resemble ATR all that much, but c'mon he went to Haiti, was initiated there, studied Theosophy, Shinto, WMT and created a syncretic, primal form of magick that owes a huge amount to Haitian Voodoo and the pre-Victorian grimoires, to the French occult Masters like Papus, Levi and others. He created a brilliant system that when you look at it through modern occultist eyes, it isn't at all familiar because we are drunk on the Golden Dawn tradition and the GD has colored everything in Western magick from Wicca to Thelema and Chaos Magick. Of course it doesn't resemble GD based magical practices because it calls back to two things that are much older and authors who weren't steeped in the GD practices even if they were aware of them. LHG and Esoteric Voudon have more in common with Agrippa, Rudd and Martinez than Mathers and Crowley and going down the rabbit hole of pre-Victorian traditions unlocks an appreciation for Bertiaux accomplished and the man's influence today? I honestly feel he is the most influential occultist since Crowley and most have only heard legends about the man or how crazy his system is.

One criticism I have seen online is that Gnostic Voudon doesn't have an order of service like in Haitian and New Orleans Voodoo but when one learns who those 5 candles represent, we see there is indeed an order of service it's just adapted to a solo practitioner and city life where the elaborate Voodoo ritual isn't always practical.

He's given us a system that mixes East, West and African traditions into a coherent whole that is hung on a simple core that can easily be built upon. The LHG is just an inkling of what there really is because the M7R lessons are really an encyclopedia in themselves, throw in the VGW and other, unpublished materials and the depth of what he has brought forth is staggering, especially in comparison to modern prolific authors who seem to just rewrite the same things over and over in each book with little new content and the depth of a mud puddle. He isn't giving us cook books of spirits with spooky art and ominous words. OK, yeah he is giving us some ominous and outrageous words but you get the point.

Most of all, like Agrippa, he has given us the keys to making our own system of practice by providing us with knowledge rather than those cook books of rituals I mentioned. The LHG gives us a foundation to develop our own rituals and practices, to elaborate and even rewrite in new ways and for new uses. It's a small foundation with infinite potential and not yet more variants on the Pentagram ritual or rapes of GD rituals. It isn't complicated, requiring learning various gestures and ritual movements and in this way it does harken back to the pre-Victorian grimoires in beautiful, subtle ways.

Man, I sound like a fanboy but ok, what I want to get across here is this system encourages you to develop your own way of doing things, your own way of being. When you link up to the M7R it becomes all the more richer, and you will for it but even if your don't join the M7R, you will find yourself inspired by the spirits to add to the base established in unique ways and your own ways. No two practitioners of LHG or Esoteric Voudon are the same and man, that's a living breathing system and damn, don't you want to be a part of that Laboratory?

So what's next with Mastering Lucky Hoodoo? Well many of you know I am going to do a limited edition monograph that expands on these articles and adds new material and revises these articles into a unified unit. I am hoping to crank that out for Spring release, if not a little sooner. I'm working on some nice extras to throw in for the small print run that I will be doing of the Monograph. 16 plus 4 special editions that are already claimed and family editions for those closest to me, like 3 copies!

After I've sold through those I may make the monograph available as an E-book for a relatively cheap price with no extras, just the revised and expanded essay and appendices. The Monograph will integrate more of the first year M7R materials and go into the Lwa represented by the candles and how to work with them with specific offerings and also how to work the system without the use of alcohol for those of us who are recovering alcoholics or just plain don't drink.

I won't be churning out a cookbook of rituals though, but advice on how to use the system as is and also to expand on the foundation. I also be discussing using the Lucky Hoodoo Spirit Windows produced by Kyle Fite because man, these things are brilliant! I've used them a couple times and tonight I hung them in my bed room and can feel the energy in the room just open up and flow between them! Beautiful pieces of work that just breathe.

I hope you enjoyed the full series of articles on Mastering Lucky Hoodoo, it's been a hoot reading comments and chatting with some of you. I do it for you guys, god's honest truth but not just you guys, the spirits and myself as well. We are all one, a team, and don't you forget it!